Specsavers Ópticas Marbella is fundraising to help the Marbella youngster Sarah Almagro, who is in urgent need of prosthesis. She lost her hands and feet due to meningococcus, which triggered a life threatening sepsis leading to the amputations. The Marbella community are rallying around Sarah with a number of fundraising projects and events to get her the prosthesis she needs to lead a full and normal life.

In order to support the campaign, Specsavers Ópticas in Marbella are stocking the special fundraising bracelets with the slogan “Palante con Sarah” or “Forward with Sarah”. These bracelets can be picked up from Specsavers for a small donation of 2.50€ and worn to show your support for this brave young woman. They have been supporting this campaign since December and will continue to do so until the family has raised the 200,000€ Sarah needs to get her back on her feet and live the life she had planned, according to Store Director Nerea Galdos-Little.

All donations go to the association Somos tu Ola (We are your Wave), a not for profit organization set up by friends and family of Sarah to help them fundraise for Sarah and other children, teens and adults who have had limbs amputated due to sepsis.

Specsavers Ópticas Marbella are encouraging their customers and local residents to get involved with the campaign and help this young woman, and others like her, by getting their bracelet and making a donation in store on Avenida Ricardo Soriano 12, next to Massimo Dutti.