Free UltraClear SuperClean Lens Treatment

Sick of smudges?

Anybody who wears glasses will understand the constant effort to rid your lenses from annoying fingerprints and mystery smudges.

UltraClear SuperClean is our new enhanced anti-reflection and scratch-resitstant treatment, with some great added benefits – which all help to reduce reflections, attract less dust, stay cleaner for longer, and make cleaning easier.

UltraClear SuperClean lenses feature:

  • Anti-glare
    Reflections are removed, giving the lens a clear and reflection-free appearance.
  • Smudge-resistant
    A new smudge-resistant layer means grease is less likely to be attracted to the lens.
  • Super scratch-resistant
    Offers far greater protection against scratching.
  • Anti-static
    A new anti-static layer makes the lens less likely to attract dust.
  • Super hydrophobic
    Offers greater water-repelling properties.

Perfect for everyday situations – like wearing your glasses in the rain, the steam up when you open the oven door of a hot oven, reflections when you’re driving, or those pesky finger smudges.

When you choose a frame from the 89 € range or above, you can get a free UltraClear SuperClean treatment, which would usually cost 45 €.

Terms and conditions

Cannot be used with other offers. Additional charge for other lenses and Extra Options. Subject to suitability.