From December contact wearers can benefit from increased comfort and convenience, thanks to a revolutionary new type of contact lenses available at Specsavers.

Easyvision Magic contact lenses are the world’s first flat-pack lenses, which provide the simplest and most hygienic contact lens packaging designed to date, complimented with ultimate lens hydration for added comfort.

The unique flat pack design also reduces the chance of inner surface contamination. When opened, the new pack presents the lens ready to be picked up. Combined, these features help to eliminate confusion and prevent the wearer touching the inner surface of the lens.

As well as the revolutionary pack design, key features include:

  • HEMA-GMA lens material meaning more moisture retention and a smaller contact angle.
  • CENTRAFORM (spin casting) manufacturing providing a smoother edge profile that helps reduce friction when the wearer blinks.
  • Aspherical design enables light rays to come together at the correct point for a sharper, clearer view.

These lenses are available exclusively at the 8 Specsavers Opticas stores in Spain.

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