Partnership has been at the very heart of Specsavers since it was founded in 1984.

Though no-one at that time could have predicted the success of Specsavers, there was a clear belief in what mattered: a business that would provide local practitioners with exceptional support services; sharp customer focus to deliver the very best price, service, quality and choice; and an unrelenting drive for results, keeping it simple, getting it done and delivering on our promises.

The Specsavers Partnership has flourished because roles are clearly defined. Specsavers provides support to each store through delivering world-class product via an agile supply chain, award-winning marketing, reliable IT systems and a wealth of training and development. This frees up store teams to focus on what matters most – providing the very best clinical care and service to customers. Our success – in Spain and internationally – is set to continue.

Specsavers Opticas is performing exceptionally well in incredibly tough economic conditions. Latest figures show that our sales have increased despite a shrinking retail index in Spain (source: Eurostat, 2011).


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