Young sailors Sebastian Page Franklin and Nick Mason decided to choose daily disposable lenses for their 160 nautical mile trip around Mallorca to raise money for the charity Mediterranea. They both have problems with their vision and were concerned that glasses would not be practical and taking care of lenses on the open water would not be easy. So Specsavers in Santa Ponça agreed to help the cause by donating a month’s supply of daily lenses.

“Since we announced our intended two-week voyage, we have been rather concerned about our almost-total lack of natural vision.” Sebastian explains on his blog. “Without glasses or lenses I see the world as a blur and Nick, aka “Cyclops”, only has one eye that does any work. The idea of sailing 160 nautical miles with salt-covered specs or sandy lenses was worrying, so we asked Specsavers to sponsor us and we were delighted when they agreed. On 8th May we both went back to be fitted with our daily lenses, which are slightly different to wear than the conventional ones. We’re each trying them out before we leave, and so far they’re great: very easy to use and super-comfortable. They’ll certainly make a big difference to us on the trip. The rest of us may end up extremely grubby, but our eyes should remain crystal clear. Thanks so much Specsavers, you are definitely Very Nice People”

To find out more about their voyage and how to sponsor them visit
Visit Specsavers Opticas Santa Ponça for a contact lens consultation where their specialists will check your eyes, find out about your lifestyle and preferences and make a recommendation on what contact lenses would best suit you. There’s even the option to try before you buy with a free trial of five pairs of daily disposable lenses or one pair of monthly lenses.

Contact Lenses for an active lifestyle

Contact lenses are available to correct most conditions for which glasses are prescribed, including long and short sight, presbyopia and astigmatism and are increasingly popular for those with a more active lifestyle.

To wear contact lenses, you need a current glasses prescription. Your optometrist will also carry out an assessment to establish whether monthly disposable, daily disposable or continuous wear lenses are best for you. Varifocal wearers can have their prescription fitted to monthly disposable contact lenses and those with astigmatisms can benefit from daily or monthly disposable toric lenses.

You should have regular aftercare appointments, to ensure that your contact lenses remain comfortable to wear and that your eyes are healthy.

Specsavers Opticas Santa Ponça is located in Avda. Rei Jaume 1, 117. For more information call 871 964 331.

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