As the weather hots up, it’s not just our skin feeling the heat. Our eyes too are affected by UV rays from the sun. That why you need to take particular care on the beach, as sand reflects 15% of the UV radiation and sea foam 25%. This is not blocked by a hat, so it’s important to consider your options for protecting your eyes.

Mike Stone, Director of Specsavers Ópticas in Javea and Calpe explains your options.

1. Standard or prescription polarising lenses – Polarising lenses are a good option to eliminate glare, especially to stop the reflections when you’re at the beach. Once you’ve seen the difference, you won’t want to wear ordinary glasses again. These glasses are also great for driving.

2. Reactions lenses – These are lenses which react to light, darkening when you are outside to become like sunglasses. These are good options if you would rather not change glasses but want to have UV protection and see clearly in all light conditions.

3. UV coating on your prescription glasses – Many of our customers don’t like to change between their normal bifocal or varifocal lenses and sunglasses, so leave their eyes unprotected. However, we can add UV coating to your normal lenses, providing UV protection, without a tint, for only €15.

4.  UV coating plus sun tint – You can transform your glasses by adding a brown, grey or green sun tint as well as a UV coating to both protect eyes, relieve eye strain and soften bright lights.

It is so important that you don’t get caught out by the spring sunshine. Living in Spain, you need to protect your eyes all through the year to avoid damage to your eyes and your vision.

  • Specsavers Ópticas has just launched a new range of 28 new designer sunglasses and 52 own brand styles, including five great new kids’ styles for spring/summer 2019.  They can also advise you on the best sun protection options to suit your preference and lifestyle. Visit them in Avenida Ejércitos Españoles No. 6 in Calpe or Avenida Del Pla 125 in Javea, or visit  

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