Designer powerhouse and fashion pioneer, Marc Jacobs, is bringing a luxurious eyewear collection to Specsavers Ópticas. In stores from the 15 April, this contemporary, unique and luxurious collection boldly expresses the creativity of the fashion house and consists of 26 optical and six prescription sunglasses styles.


It’s not difficult to spot Marc Jacobs' legendary daisy motifs on shoes, bags and perfume bottles, but now you can add glasses to his roll-call, thanks to an exciting Specsavers collaboration.


The meticulously designed collection consists of 26 beautiful specs and six chic prescription sunglasses. The contemporary eyewear boldly expresses the creativity of the fashion house, featuring premium acetate, daisy motifs and ultra-slim silver metal frames. Our favourite colour combinations include white sides and neon, and ’80s-esque flecks that glint in the light.


Standout pieces in the collection include a pair of jet-black, cat-eye sunglasses, confetti-like pops of colour and oversized square statement sunglasses completed with the iconic daisy detailing synonymous with the MARC JACOBS brand. The collection is priced from 199€ for two pairs.


Over the last three decades, MARC JACOBS has found a home in 80 different countries, making its brand appreciation truly global. The man behind it all is Marc Jacobs, who moved to the Upper West Side of New York in his teens to make it big as a fashion designer.


His roots began in couture: Marc was a creative director for Louis Vuitton for 17 years before striking out on his own with his namesake label MARC JACOBS. Now something of a cultural touchstone, you can see his quilted bags on the arms of fashion lovers across the globe and his name on the designer high streets of every major city in the world.


The MARC JACOBS collection is the latest big name to join the Specsavers Ópticas designer range in our Spanish stores. The range includes the latest styles from some of the most fashionable names around such as HUGO, Converse, Karl Lagerfeld, Hackett, Pierre Cardin, Red or Dead and Superdry. 


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