A few lucky taxi drivers have been given free Polaroid sunglasses by Specsavers Opticas in Javea and Calpe; this will enable them to see clearer in the bright summer sunshine.

Polarised lenses are high-tech lenses that eliminate 99.9% of horizontal glare and filter out 100% of UV light. This clever technology improves vision and comfort in bright light, ideal for driving in the day.

Mike Stone, Store Director of both Specsavers Opticas Javea and Calpe said; "polarised lenses are the best thing for driving all year round in Spain to reduce glare. We thought we’d support our local taxi drivers who work so hard for the community and tourists by giving them Polaroid sunglasses, as they make a big difference when driving."

Taxi drivers Pedro Garcia commented “I am very happy with my new Polaroid sunglasses. I have never had polarised lenses before, but would never change back to normal sunglasses now. Even in bright sunshine I now rarely need to use my sun visor when driving"

Specsavers Opticas can supply sunglasses with polarised lenses.

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