A VISIT to Specsavers Opticas in Javea proved a lifesaving experience for John when his optometrist discovered a growth on his eyelid and suspected glaucoma.

John visited the store in Javea for a routine eye test and was shocked to discover that the test showed very high pressure in his eye, and his optic discs, the point where the optic nerve leaves the eye to connect to the brain, had some changes. These are two red flags which led optometrist Louise Stone to refer him for suspected glaucoma. The store also suggested that he was referred for further tests on a growth on his eyelid, which turned out to be cancerous.

John says: “I had recently had an eye test at another optician before visiting Specsavers for a second opinion. I wasn’t made aware of any problem with my eye health, and I wasn’t experiencing any symptoms of glaucoma, so I am really pleased I decided to have a second test. I would not have known if Specsavers hadn’t identified it.”

Following the eye test, John was given a letter from the optometrist to take to his doctor and he was referred to Denia hospital. There they diagnosed him with glaucoma and confirmed that the growth on his eyelid was cancerous. They removed the basal cell carcinoma, operated on a drooping eyelid and also prescribed him drops for the glaucoma, which he takes twice a day.

“They were wonderful at the hospital, moving so quickly to diagnose, operate and provide me with medication to save my sight. I was delighted with the treatment I received.”

In April this year, John returned to Specsavers in Javea, two years on, for another routine eye test and to share his story with the team. During the comprehensive test they were able to report that the drops were working, causing his eye pressure to drop significantly, and everything else was looking good.

“It was great to see John back with the glaucoma under control and the eye lid carcinoma removed. We urge everyone to make sure that their eye test includes comprehensive health checks, as well as simply checking your prescription, as it is an important way to protect your vision and your health in general.”

Due to this experience, the team in Specsavers Ópticas in Calpe and Javea are now offering free eye tests with complete health checks. They are also happy to check your sunglasses free of charge to ensure they have the necessary UV coating.

Visit them in Avenida Ejércitos Españoles No. 6 in Calpe or Avenida Del Pla 125 in Javea, or visit www.specsavers.es to find your nearest store. 

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