Following a highly successful testing day on the 10th May where around 40 people benefited from the free diabetes testing service, the charities and Specsavers have decided to repeat the event on the 24th May. This will give more people the chance to benefit from the free screening which detects the signs of diabetes with a simple finger prick test. A nurse will be conducting the screening and the results will be given the same day. If the results are positive, patients will be referred to the doctor to get the correct treatment and advice. It will be held at Specsavers Opticas in Santa Ponça from 10am to 1:30pm.

This type of screening can detect pre-diabetes and diabetes, a condition with over 170 million sufferers worldwide. One of the side-effects of diabetes is Diabetic Retinopathy, a condition which affects vision when the blood vessels in the retina are damaged by the changes in blood sugar levels. This leads to blurry vision which can often come and go throughout the day.

If untreated, the condition can become more serious, resulting in the network of blood vessels which supply the retina suffering permanent damage. This can result in irreversible vision loss. In order to avoid problems with sight, it is important that blood sugar levels, blood pressure and cholesterol levels are controlled.

Not all diabetes causes sight loss, but it is important to have regular screenings and eye tests so that any problems or changes can be monitored. Most complications can be treated; however it is vital that they are detected early. Once vision is lost, it cannot be restored.

Calvia Lions and Specsavers are committed to ending avoidable blindness and have joined forces with the Spanish Diabetic Association to offer these free screenings. Please come along on the day if you would like this free screening test. The Specsavers Santa Ponça store is located on Avda Rei Jaume 1, 117, Locales 14 y 15, Santa Ponça, 07180, Mallorca, please call 871 964331 for more information.

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