One simple visit could help prevent years of frustration. We’ll test your hearing to find out how well you can hear and suggest the best solution for you – and you can trust us to recommend only what you need. We’re here when you need us, so if you’re worried about your hearing, pop into our store

What to expect in a hearing test

Everybody’s hearing is different. That’s why we use a number of techniques and the latest technology to allow us to tailor your hearing care to your individual needs.

Here’s what will normally happen during a Specsavers hearing test:

Find out about a free hearing test

If you’re over 50 it’s important to have your hearing tested regularly. We recommend you having one every year if you’re over 40, or every two years if you’re under 40.

We can give you a comprehensive hearing assessment free, and will discuss your options with you if you have hearing loss. And there’s no obligation for you to buy a hearing aid.

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A comprehensive hearing assessment by one of our qualified hearing professionals, free. No obligation to buy a hearing aid.