Once we reach a certain age, our eyes start to change, and it gets trickier for our eyes to quickly adapt between different viewing situations. That’s where varifocals come in. Varifocal lenses allow you to see at any distance, because they have different sections for viewing close up, far away and everything in between.

But which varifocals are right for you? At Specsavers Opticas, we have a range of varifocal lenses to suit your lifestyle and prescription from 79€, including our new SuperDigital and SuperDrive lenses at 299€.

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Varifocals have three zones for near, intermediate and far vision.

Near vision

Unlike traditional varifocals, the near vision zone in SuperDigital lenses is designed to cater to the way we hold our phones. This is because we hold our phones at a closer, higher position that can be difficult to adjust to.

Intermediate vision

Far vision

With SuperDigital varifocals, you can switch between the paper, your phone or tablet, and checking the clock with an easier, more natural transition.

As well as all this, SuperDigital varifocals also include our UltraClear SuperClean treatment to help to reduce the effects of screen glare.


Our new SuperDrive varifocal lens is designed for driving. It has a super wide distance and middledistance zone, designed to give you a wide view of what’s ahead of you, as well as your dashboard, wing mirrors and satnav.

The lens also comes with our UltraClear SuperClean Smart treatment as standard, specially designed to help to reduce reflections and dazzle caused by headlights and street lighting.

Near varifocals

Designed to suit you, these lenses are made specifically to meet your everyday requirements. Our experts can expand the near zone of vision (great for keen readers).

Far varifocals

Or the distance vision zone (for lovers of the great outdoors) so that you can have clarity and visual comfort when you need it the most.