Single-vision lenses

Single-vision lenses have a single prescription that covers the whole lens. People under-40 mostly opt for these as they’re more likely to have just one prescription. So if you only need glasses for one type of vision, your optician may prescribe these to you. You may need to have separate glasses for separate things, like one pair for seeing far away, like when you’re driving, and one pair for close-up tasks, like reading.

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All Specsavers glasses come with free standard single-vision lenses, scratch- resistant treatment, case and cloth. Extra lens treatments and options are available that can protect or enhance your glasses.

Bifocal lenses

How do bifocals work?

Distance vision

The upper half of the lens is for distance vision. Your normal glasses prescription will go in this part of the lens.

Near vision

The lower half, or small segment in the lower half of the lens, is for looking at things that are near. Like built-in reading glasses in your normal prescription.

Bifocal lens prices

Standard bifocal lenses - 69€

Offering distance and near vision in one lens. Bifocals have a small segment at the lower part of the lens containing your near vision area.

Varifocal lenses

How do varifocals work?

Distance vision is through the upper part of the lens. There is a small amount of soft focus at the edge of your vision.

Near vision is through the lower part of the lens. There is some soft focus at the edges of your vision in this part of your lens.

Any distance vision you need between close-up and far away can be seen by moving your eyes between these two points on the lens.

Varifocal lens prices

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Want any lens extras and treatments?

You can also choose extra lens treatments and options to protect or enhance your glasses.

Lens extras and treatments
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