Blue glasses

Blue glasses

Blue is a great colour for all seasons as there are so many shades to choose from: sky blue for the summer months and ice blue for cold winters. All tones look especially striking on men or women with blue eyes.

With our collection of blue glasses frames from stunning sapphire to bold cobalt you’re sure to find a pair that will be the icing on the cake. All glasses come with single vision lenses and a scratch-resistant treatment and start from just 29 €.

Azure, dark blue, electric blue, ice blue, indigo, midnight blue, peacock blue, petrol blue, navy blue, sky blue – we’ve got it all. You just need to choose the shade that works best for you.


TAWANNA - 29 €

Midnight blue in colour, this is a great new colour option for one of our most popular frames. The simple, softened rectangular shape of this frame is flattering for most face shapes, while the deep hue of blue will complement blue and green eye colouring in particular. SKU 25634464
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DEXTER - 109 €

This men’s metal frame has an angular front and is great for flattering round faces or rounder features. The arms have a striking silver layer of metal which contrasts with the petrol blue colour of the frame. SKU 25060997
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MIRANDA - 109 €

This is a deep, navy blue metal frame that oozes style in its simplicity. The shape is great and not only will flatter most faces, but is suitable for most varifocal or bifocal lenses.
SKU 25289619
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