Giving your eyes a break

With the nation spending more time indoors, here's how to avoid eyestrain whilst at home

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Cataracts care at home

We've covered everything you should know as a cataracts patient during COVID-19

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Diabetic retinopathy care

If you’re concerned whether or not diabetic retinopathy is linked to COVID-19, we have collated all relevant information here.

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Glaucoma care at home

We've covered everything you should know as a glaucoma patient during COVID-19

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Macular Degeneration care at home

Here’s all you need to know around macular degeneration during COVID-19

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Allergies or coronavirus symptoms?

Symptoms of allergies and COVID-19 can sometimes overlap.

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How to stop glasses fogging up with a mask

Our Specsavers experts have shared their top tips and tricks for keeping your glasses fog-free while wearing a mask.

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Top tips to prevent mask-associated dry eyes

Reports show that people who wear face masks regularly are more likely to experience dry eye symptoms.

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What to do if you get hand sanitiser in your eye

Find some frequently asked questions about hand sanitiser getting into your eyes and tips on what to do if this happens.

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Everything you need to know about Coronavirus

Coronavirus: Advice for glasses & contact lenses wearers

For more advice about looking after your eye health at this time

Coronavirus and conjunctivitis: what's the link?

Recent reports have suggested a potential link between conjunctivitis and coronavirus.