We know that sometimes, glasses just aren’t practical – especially for active children. Contact lenses fit all ages, not just adults. It all depends your child’s ability to use and look after their lenses.

Benefits of contact lenses for kids

  • Kids can sometimes feel self-conscious wearing glasses – contact lenses correct their vision while maintaining their natural appearance
  • Their full field of vision is in focus which is great for sports
  • They provide the freedom for kids to run around and get stuck in when they’re playing or during sports
  • Removes the worry about breaking or damaging their glasses (so parents will enjoy the benefits too)

How old do you have to be to wear contact lenses?

There’s no ‘official’ age for you to start wearing contact lenses. But it all depends on whether the optician thinks someone is mature enough, and capable enough to clean, care and handle contact lenses on their own.

Children are quick learners, and have proven to be just as capable at wearing lenses as adults – but we’d recommend that a parent or guardian should supervise them to start with.

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Contact lenses can make like that little bit easier – whatever your age or lifestyle

Free contact lens trial

If your child decides that they’d like to start wearing contact lenses, they can try them for free. So before you buy anything, you can both be confident that contact lenses are the right choice.

Types of contact lenses

Picking a contact lens type will depend on your child’s lifestyle and their prescription. Our opticians are here to help you and your child find the perfect lens type.