About contact lenses

Specsavers has fully-trained contact lens specialists to offer you expert advice before and after you buy contact lenses. The easyvision range of contact lenses is specially made for Specsavers by some of the world’s leading contact lens manufacturers. The range features different lens types to suit most wearers and uses the latest technology and materials, making them comfortable and easy to wear.

Your optician will help you choose the right type of lens based on lens suitability, your visual requirements and personal preference.

Wearing contact lenses is easy

Contact lens assessment

To wear contact lenses, you need a current glasses prescription. The optician will also carry out a contact lens assessment to ensure that contact lenses will be suitable for you. The optician will make sure that the recommended lenses fit properly and are comfortable to wear and that your eyes are healthy.

Contact lens assessment

Contact lens options

Deciding which contact lens option is right for you is easy at Specsavers. During your contact lens consultation you can discuss whether you would benefit most from monthly disposable or daily disposable lenses.